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Meal Delivery Services

Are you burnt out cooking at home every day?  Want to start eating a healthier diet, but don't know where to start? If so, you are not alone. In today's circumstances, many of us are facing the same issues. That is why we came up with a new meal delivery service to help people like you alleviate the burden of everyday cooking and eat healthier food that everybody would enjoy.

If you are not familiar with Better Vegan, we offer healthy anti-inflammatory plant-based foods that are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, contain no or minimal amounts of processed foods, and taste great. Lately, we are also focusing on immune-boosting recipes since having a strong immune system is definitely on everyone's radar right now. 

Here is how it works: the meals are prepared in the chef's kitchen and delivered fresh to your home. We are offering plenty of great dishes to choose from, and we will be more than happy to prepare each of them for you to enjoy. You can sign up for our weekly menu or place a custom order - we will be happy to accommodate any of your needs and dietary requirements. 

Learn how simple and easy it is to get started - click here for details and our weekly menus.



Meal Preparation and Private Chef Services

First, let’s dispel a myth. Healthy food can taste great!

There is a common misconception that healthy foods are bland and unsatisfying, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is our strong believe that the foods we consume should taste good and not just be fuels for our brains and bodies, no matter how healthy they are.

Whether your goal is to feel better, boost your immunity, increase energy and vitality, look younger or simply lose some weight, you don’t have to suffer through restrictive diets feeling hungry and deprived. With our approach to healthy eating, you can enjoy satisfying comfort foods, gourmet dishes and rich decadent desserts, and still reap all the health benefits.

Better Vegan is offering Personal Chef Services focused on healthy seasonal menus that are made to accommodate a wide variety of dietary needs and lifestyles including Vegan, Plant-Based, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Soy Free, Fat Free, etc.

Here is how simple and easy it is to get started:

Initial Consultation

Schedule a free of charge initial consultation for personal chef services. Chef Julia will come to your home or connect with you online or over the phone and discuss your preferences including likes/dislikes, any food allergies/sensitivities, and the frequency of your personal chef services. Next, we will create a custom menu tailored to your taste, dietary requirements, health goals and moods and desires.


Most of shopping will be done the day of meal preparation. This will ensure that all ingredients are fresh. Any dietary needs or lifestyle preferences will be accommodated (such as gluten free, vegan, organic, soy free, and sodium restrictions). You are responsible for the cost of groceries. 

Meal Preparation

Preparation will be conducted at your home or in the chef's kitchen. Items will be clearly labeled and placed in your fridge with heating instructions or served right away, whichever way is preferred. Julia will clean as she goes and leave your kitchen as she found it.



Instead of charging per dish, you will only be billed for Chef Julia’s time and the cost of groceries. This allows you to formulate a meal plan without minimums. The number of hours will vary due to the amount of meals and their complexity.

We also provide catering for dinner parties, small events, special occasion celebrations, etc.

Nutritional Consulting

In addition to meal preparation, we offer help, advice and coaching to people who are transitioning to plant-based diets and want to live healthier, better-quality lives.

We operate in the areas of North and South Kohala, Waimea and Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.

To learn more or to schedule your initial consultation, please, contact us.

What people are saying

"On a recent visit to the islands, I had a pleasure of being invited to a dinner party where Chef Julia was to cook a vegan fare. Being European I like a decent wine paired with meat-based protein; married to a vegetarian for many years I've tried vegetarian food on a number of occasions  and I expected, once again, to be disappointed with my meal...instead I received culinary enlightenment. It was a road to Damascus experience... Chef Julia is an extraordinary cook, I did not miss meat because her cooking transcended cooking styles and cultural norms, she fused vegetables with brilliance. Tasting is believing!"

William Campbell

CEO and founder of Eccose International

Vegan recipe development

Do you have clients asking for vegan dishes or patients struggling to adjust to a healthy diet because new food doesn’t taste that good to them? Here at Better Vegan it is our passion to create clean vegan recipes that taste great. We offer vegan recipe development services to restaurants, cafes, natural food stores, hotels and resorts, wellness centers, health professionals, manufacturers and producers of wholesome vegan foods and other organizations. Recipes can be tailored to meet specific dietary requirements like gluten free, sugar free, fat free, grain free, etc.


Our recipe development services include:

Development of individual recipes or recipe collections

Recipe testing

Food styling and photography

To learn more or to discuss your recipe development project, please, contact us.

Workshops and seminars











Better Vegan offers informative, engaging and fun workshops and seminars on the topics of improving your health and general well-being through diet, healthy lifestyle and beyond. All our workshops include delicious food tastings, question and answer sessions and personal and friendly interactions with our experts and contributors. Listed above are examples of workshops that we provide, but the topics can be customized depending on your audience’s needs and preferences.

If you are interested in hosting one of our workshops, please, contact us for more details.

Product reviews and ratings

Everyone who cooks knows the importance of having good kitchen equipment and quality ingredients, that is why we are always on the search for the useful reliable products at the right price. Better Vegan offers services to product makers, manufacturers and their representatives in providing independent, honest and comprehensive equipment and product reviews. This includes kitchen equipment, appliances and gadgets, as well as clean vegan food products and ingredients (see our guidelines here).

The review will include a detailed written report and/or a review video, if required. The best chosen by us products will be featured on our website and recommended to all our readers and clients. More review content for your products means more traffic and more sales, so contact us for more details.


With the rising number of vegans and people with various food sensitivities (like to gluten and sugar), many restaurants are adjusting their menus to accommodate the needs of this growing segment of their customers. However, creating healthy delicious dishes without any inflammatory ingredients can be challenging. Better Vegan offers consulting services to restaurants, hotels and resorts interested in adding vegan dishes to their menus or improving existing ones.

This may include recommendations of the specific dishes, recipe development, recipe evaluation and improvement, staff training and more. Please contact us for more details.  

Cooking classes

Using clean quality ingredients is only one part of a successful recipe. Another very important part is technique. Knowing how to properly combine foods, cooking temperatures, timing and order can make or break your recipe. We are very excited to be able to share our expertise and knowledge to help people learn how to cook delicious vegan meals. You will learn how to add flavor, texture and substance to vegan dishes using only clean ingredients, what are the best substitutes to use for common non-vegan foods and how to veganize your favorite dishes, various cooking, fermentation and baking techniques, proper food combinations or how to prepare specific recipes.

Better Vegan offers individual one-on-one as well as group cooking classes on demand. All classes include delicious food tastings and printed copies of the recipes. Please contact us for more details.

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