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New Recipe: Better Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo

Who doesn't love Fettuccine Alfredo? Rich creamy sauce and its delicious savory flavor with just a light note of sweetness makes it a perfect comfort food that you keep craving over and over again. However, the traditional Fettuccine Alfredo is loaded with inflammation-causing cheese, butter and cream and god knows how many calories.

Get the recipe here.

When I became vegan, I really wanted to re-create this quintessential Roman dish in a clean vegan way. I tried several recipes just to be disappointed with the results. None of them delivered the richness and creaminess of the real Alfredo and were overly complicated.

This simple and delicious recipe delivers everything I was looking for - rich and luxurious sauce with subtle flavors, and the substance and texture of the real fettuccine Alfredo. The genius combination of cashews and cauliflower make the sauce very creamy and miso brings the savory flavor to it. Of course, I had to add some nutritional yeast for more tangy, cheesy taste as well.

It is important to note here that blending the sauce really well makes a difference. I used high-power Vitamix blender on high and it produced the perfect creamy sauce, which didn't really need a lot of straining. Also, using brown rice fettuccine works best in this recipe as it tastes closest to its wheat alternative and has the same texture and substance without any gluten.

Just like the real Alfredo, the sauce changes its consistency as it stands for a few minutes and thickens quite a bit. That is why it is best served immediately in warmed bowls. The good thing about it though that the sauce doesn't separate when warmed up, so if you have any left-overs you can still enjoy them later, just add a bit of water when you warm it up. The sprinkling of parsley, nutritional yeast and black pepper adds some color and rounds up the dish very nicely.

This dish has plenty of healthy fats from coconut oil and cashews, but if you are trying to loose weight I wouldn't eat every day, just use it as a treat instead.

Get the recipe here.

Happy cooking!


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