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New Recipe: Vegan Smoky Tempeh Steak with Broccolini

If you are not a fan of tempeh, this recipe will change your mind! It is absolutely delicious and very satisfying, so it will definitely not leave you feeling hungry.

Get the recipe here.

If you are not familiar with tempeh, it is a traditional Indonesian food made from soybeans that have been fermented or broken down by microorganisms. Following fermentation, the soybeans are pressed into a compact cake that is commonly consumed as a plant-based source of protein. Besides being high in protein, tempeh contains good amounts of iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It is also low in carbs and sodium. But that is not all.

Tempeh contains prebiotics, which may help promote digestive health and potentially reduce inflammation, aids in weight loss, may reduce cholesterol levels, decrease oxidative stress and promote bone health. However, if you are allergic to soy, it is recommended to avoid it.

Tempeh is one of a very few soy products that I use. I usually try to stay away from all processed soy foods as much as possible because of their highly-inflammatory nature. Tempeh, however, is naturally fermented and minimally processed, and, of course, you have to buy only organic ones from the companies like Lightlife (this is what I use).

On its own tempeh has kind of a bland taste, so it has to be marinated or seasoned properly. For this recipe I have used a boldly flavored marinade and marinated the tempeh for 3 days, which produced the best results. You could marinate it for a shorter period of time, but the longer you marinate, the more flavor the tempeh absorbs, which, in return, makes it taste better. Longer marinating also changes the texture of tempeh, making it softer.

Tempeh is a pretty dense, concentrated food, so I recommend to eat a green salad first before enjoying this dish and also pair it with a lot of green vegetables, hence the broccolini in this recipe. This helps control portions and improves the digestion of the tempeh.

Get the recipe here.

Happy cooking!


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