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my new knife is here


7-inch Professional Damascus Santoku Knife by Kamosoto with High Carbon Japanese 67 Layers VG-10 Damascus Stainless Steel, Ergonomic G10 Handle and Beautiful Tiny Wave Blade Pattern, KAM521

Exceptionally durable and perfectly balanced knife to improve performance, reduce fatigue and facilitate precise control for professional use. Resistant to stains, wear and corrosion.


ZELITE INFINITY Paring Knife 4 inch - Alpha-Royal Series - Best Quality Japanese AUS10 Super Steel 67 Layer High Carbon Stainless Steel Razor-Sharp Superb Edge Retention, Stain & Corrosion Resistant

I needed a new paring knife, so I ordered this one a couple of days ago. If it is what I believe, I'll be more than happy to share my experience.


Maxblademark 8 Inch Chef Knife, Pro Kitchen Chef’s Knife, Stainless Steel with Ergonomic Handle, Sharp Knives with Damascus Pattern, Knife Guard and Gift Box

A job that took you a great deal of time before will now only take you minutes with this steel kitchen knife. It is stylish and impressive. I am using a different brand (Henckels), but if I'll be shopping for a new knife, I would definitely consider this one.


J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL 31161-201 Classic Chef's Knife, 8 Inch, Black

I am using this chef's knife for years, and it became an extension of my hand while cooking. It is made of a hard German steel, is quite sharp and well-balance. I sharpen it twice a week for best cuts. And it is not too expensive.


Chef Knife - KAMLE Chef's Knife 8 inch Kitchen Knife German Stainless Steel Knife with Ergonomic Handle, Ultra Sharp, Best Choice Kitchen Gift for Home Cooking Lovers and Restaurant Chefs

8 Inches Long High Carbon Steel Chef Knife, Excellent Stain and Corrosion Resistance with perfect weight balance. Ideal for chopping, slicing and dicing; Fruits, Vegetables and/or meat without bones.


Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife, 8-Inch Chef's

Multipurpose chef's knife designed for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing with razor sharp, laser-tested, tapered knife edge.

I am getting this one as my second knife. This knife has been a highest-rated knife by Cook's Illustrated for years now and it costs less than $40. No brainer.

The knife is the cook's most important tool, that is why we decided to dedicate this page to knives. My favorite knife is always the one that is razor sharp, has a good grip and balance, and is versatile. Even though I don't own all of the knives listed below, they seem to be a good choice, so check them out.







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