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My pantry
Where do I buy my "stuff" from?
My recommendations. Resources.

Below are the items that I always keep in my pantry and often use in my recipes. Many of them you will not find at your local grocery store, so I included the links to the sources where to get them from.


Books that work for me


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds, 1lb; with 10g Protein & Omegas per Serving, Non-GMO, Gluten Free - Packaging May Vary by Manitoba Harvest

Hemp hearts is a great source of protein,

omega-3 and 6 and iron, and they are so easy

to incorporate into your diet. You can add it to

salads, desserts, baking, etc. They have a slightly

nutty taste, similar to pine nuts.


It’s not just me


They go almost with everything.
Long time favorite



organic   gluten free   non gmo
whole grain   vegan

the perfect crackers


Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt, 2lbs Extra-Fine Grain

by Sherpa Pink

This pink salt is pretty much the only salt I use, because it is 100% natural, has plenty of health benefits and tastes great. It re-mineralizes the body with minerals and trace elements essential to our health and well-being including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Iron.


Organic Turmeric Root Powder (2lb) by Anthony's, Curcumin & Non-GMO (32 ounces) by


Turmeric is one of my most favorite spices because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and bright yellow color. It literally brightens up any dish! This product is organic, gluten-free, has no artificial flavors or preservatives.


Kirkland Signature Almond Flour Blanched California Superfine, 3 Pounds by Kirkland Signature

I use almond flour the most because it is

gluten-free and grain-free. It is super-finely 

consistently ground and is excellent for baking and

vegan cheeses. Almonds are a great source of proteins, fats and fiber.  

Try it in Cardamom Orange Cookies, Almond-Coconut Honey Cake or Grain-Free Bread.


Artisana Organics - Tahini Sesame Seed Butter, USDA Organic Certified and Non-GMO Handmade Rich and Thick Spread (14 oz) by Artisana

I love this tahini because it is minimally processed

and contain only one ingredient - organic raw

sesame seeds. It has no additives, peanuts, gluten, dairy, preservatives, added oils, GMOs, salt and pesticides. I use it in hummus, dips, salad dressings, smoothies, baking and sauces. 


Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 16 Ounce (1 pack) by Bragg

Certified Organic Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurized and 5% acidity, and contains the amazing Mother of Vinegar. Because of that it acts as a probiotic, and is cleansing and detoxifying. I add it to my green smoothie, salad dressings, soups and sauces to brighten the flavors.


Kirkland Signature Walnuts-3lbs

by Kirkland Signature

I use walnuts a lot in a variety of dishes, especially when I want to add some texture and substance. They are a great substitute for ground meat in tacos, soups, stews and pates. They are filled with healthy proteins and fats, and taste great even when eaten by themselves. Keep your nuts in a freezer or refrigerator to prevent them from becoming rancid.


Wild Soil Almonds - Distinct and Superior to Organic, Steam Pasteurized, Probiotic, Raw 3LB Bag

by Wild Soil

Almonds are one of my most favorite nuts. I use them to make almond butter, almond milk, pates, salad dressings, vegan cheese, etc.  These almonds have superior health and taste. They are non-GMO and contain naturally occurring prebiotics and probiotics.


Healthworks Chia Seeds Raw Pesticide-Free, 2lb

by Healthworks

Chia seeds are so versatile that you can use them for many different purposes, that is why I always keep a bag on hand. They are also high in antioxidants, fiber, protein and Omega-3, which makes them a powerful addition to any diet. You can keep one bag in a freezer or refrigerator, so the seeds won't get rancid and will last longer.


NOW Foods BetterStevia Liquid,8-Ounce

by Now Foods

This is by far my favorite sweetener, because it is not sugar, it has almost no aftertaste and no extra additives. I have tried other brands before, but this one is the best. I am using it for several years and highly recommend it to anyone. If you are new to stevia, it may taste weird on the beginning, but stick to it and you will love it once you get used to it. 


Anthony's Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes (1lb), Verified Gluten Free by Anthony's

Nutritional yeast is widely used in vegan recipes as a cheese substitute because of its cheesy, tangy flavor. I add it to salad dressings, pastas, sauces, etc. This brand has a really good quality at the right price, and also contains vitamin B12, which many vegans have to supplement.


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